Stephen Beili finds pleasure in creating inspiring living spaces through a personal, collaborative process with his clients and colleagues. He sees every home design as a new opportunity for him and his clients to live life fully.

Here’s what past clients and colleagues have identified as the benefits of working with Stephen:


Leading with honesty and transparency, Stephen loves to talk about the all-too-often taboo subjects of money and schedule. Being mindful of these requirements, Stephen can design a home for you that will live up to your dreams. Expressing your dreams within a budget requires a shared vision and deep understanding of construction quality, standards, and practices.

The respect and trust of all involved is earned by listening thoughtfully to each person’s creative visions, and then applying a collaborative, purposeful design process toward achieving those dreams. Stephen approaches each client, site, and design with the goal of forming a sacred relationship.


Inspired by his love of quality and people, Stephen guides clients on a passionate journey toward visualizing and designing precisely what they desire. He celebrates the highly collaborative process of forming, developing, and shaping ideas into beautiful, innovative, and modern homes.


Bringing a bright mind to the process of home design, Stephen provides that necessary balance of the creative problem-solving of the right brain with the organization and communication of the left.


In designing a home, much attention is given to rooms; Stephen shifts the focus to space. Spatial continuity is what allows small rooms to feel larger or for us to connect with the outdoors fluidly. Then, Stephen embeds craft and natural light to further define the spaces. The ever-changing qualities of light from various directions and at various times of day have the ability to ennoble our spirit.


He devotes his energy to delivering a well-organized set of drawings and specifications, thereby ensuring the smoothest and most enjoyable design and construction process possible.

The result is a home borne of the far reaches of your imagination, where you can experience that joyful sense of discovery every day. Stephen’s desire for process means that the outcome matches the vision.

The essence of working with Studio Beili is having a professional, creative, fun, thoughtful experience that results in a new and inspired way to live life fully.